Rilakkuma Store Fuji Opening Limited Edition


Rilakkuma fever is spreading further in Japan. This month, we have another Rilakkuma Store open in Fuji. One thing that come to my mind immediately is that we would have more Rilakkuma Store Anniversary Limited Edition 🙂


Like all the other Rilakkuma Store opening, there will be a limited edition. Fuji is no exception, and here it is!


Here’s a little bit close up of the Rilakkuma, he is resting on a bread I suppose 🙂 And he is ready to eat it!


Korilakkuma is happy too, and she is carrying a folk in her hand! (I insist Korilakkuma is a she although someone told me it is a boy).


Kiiroitori is holding a Lemon and he doesn’t seem to be very happy. Do you know why?


This is the back of them. 🙂


The tag of the San-X product is always cute, and sketch of how the designers come up with the idea of the plush.


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