Nabe! Nabe! Oh Rilakkuma!


There are many Rilakkuma Kitchenware produced by San-X in the past. And here we have a new pot coming in November 2014. lol

This is the Rilakkuma Nabe set that are going to release as a Limited Edition in all Rilakkuma Store. They are super cute, and also kind of pricy! We are not planning to sell them in Mira Plush at first, since we think they are too expensive. However, we have received a couple of emails inquiring this series and we think “Okay, we should not deprive the right of the Rilakkuma fans to have this plush”. And then we now accept pre-order although it is kind of pricey.

nabeI think one of the reason why the Nabe is so expensive might be the coupons that are given when you purchase this plush. However, the coupons are only available in Japan.

Going back to the plush, there are many components in this set. By the first glance, I thought it was a cooperative project between San-X and Lawson again, as it looks line the one that has Rilakkuma and the shopping cart. We later found out that it is not. Anyway, this plush set is very very cute if you don’t look at the price, and I think Michelle is thinking whether or not to have one set herself lol.




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