Rilakkuma Store Sapporo 3rd Anniversary

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sapporo is a city in Hokkaido Prefecture of Japan. It is in the northern part of Japan, which is quite cold in the winter, and is famous for its beautiful scene, also famous for the crop planted there. This post is a little bit late, as the 3rd Anniversary of the Rilakkuma Store Sapporo was actually on 6 September. The theme of this series is the 3 little guys harvest the delicious crop in Hokkaido. Idea is simple but the outcomes is very cute. I like corn myself, so I would choose Korilakkuma this time if I have to just pick one.

  • Release Date: 6 Sep 14
  • Limited Edition: Yes
  • Rilakkuma Store Sapporo 3rd Anniversary

Author: Alfred

To Faith: Kiiroitori is holding a fish lol IMG_3352


2 thoughts on “Rilakkuma Store Sapporo 3rd Anniversary

  1. This is such a cute design! I love corn too, so I would probably pick Korilakkuma if I had to haha. I think their straw hats and denim overalls are really adorable!! πŸ˜€ Do you know what Kiiroitori is holding?

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