San-X Officially announces the Cat Series



San-X officially release the products pictures of the very popular Cat Series. You could find more information in the San-X Official web site:

As a seller of the Rilakkuma, we certainly think Cat series is very adorable. We imagined it would be like the Rilakkuma Happy Natural Times series that was released in October 2013. However, the popularity is more than we think, they are sold out already at the pre-order period and we have to talk to our suppliers whether they could have extra quantity for us.

What do you think of the Cat Series? Compared to Happy Natural Times series, which one do you like more?



Author: Alfred Wong




2 thoughts on “San-X Officially announces the Cat Series

  1. Wow, it’s great to hear that the Cat Series is so popular! I haven’t decided what I might want from the series yet, but I really love seeing all the different designs 😀 San-X did a really great job with the design though, so I’m glad that it’s so popular and successful!

    • Michelle didn’t like the Cat Series at first as she personally doesn’t like dogs rather than cats. But when the plashes arrived at our shop, she was like “Wow”. lol

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