Rilakkuma Space Series


You can’t deny it. Every time, when a new series of Rilakkuma released, you would think “What else they could do? I can’t think of anything they can put on Rilakkuma anymore”. However, for all the Rilakkuma fans, we all have the experiences that San-X surprised us again. And here’s it comes, the series I think is one of the best and most creative series from San-X, the Space series.


No doubt, I love him from head to toe lol. The design, the spacemen helmet, the badge on his chest, belt, the materials, the typography on the back. Everything in this series, I can’t resist it. The removable helmet is very cute. I wonder how many materials San-X has used in this series. The dango on Rilakkuma chest certainly make me laugh a little bit too 🙂


Korilakkuma wears the color most of the girls won’t resist, the pink. The design is similar to Rilakkuma’s. Except it is the remote duck doll car on her chest, and not the dango. Pink + white, I think it is the best match (certainly, I think sometimes, it is the limitation of the design in Korilakkuma).


Actually, I like Kiiroitori a lot. He is the one who makes me started to like Rilakkuma. He is a cute little chicken, chubby. Since he is chubby, Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma’s space suit doesn’t fit him lol. The design of his space suit is similar to them. Blue is the color of Kiiroitori from my observation. The cute Kiiroitori spaceship is hilarious 🙂 Unlike kumas, Kiiroitori’s helmoet can only be partially taken off.



You can’t forget to look at the product tags for being the Rilakkuma fans. And there they are.

Finally we have made a youtube video very quickly when this series arrived at our store. Hope you enjoy it 🙂



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