What is the personality of your Rilakkuma?


Alfred, who is already a grown up man, likes Rilakkuma. Sometimes when he worked late at night, he would put the Rilakkuma on his desk. To him, I guess Rilakkuma is a pal when he works very hard. This is the picture I guess what personality Rilakkuma has to him. 

For me, I often play with my Rilakkuma on my bed, my desk or anywhere I like going to (like travelling abroad, or hiking, or just driving around). To me, Rilakkuma is a lazy but cute little boy. 

For Sugar, a good friend of mine, think Korilakkuma (she likes Korilakkuma more) is very cute and she would treasure every plush very much. She would remove the original bag and replaced with a new plastic bag, Put them everywhere, e.g. Shelf, bed, desk, living room. She seldom play with her (according to her) like us, as she wanted to keep them in a condition that is like new. (You could imagine she won’t even remove the product tag). 

So, I guess, Rilakkuma or other plushies mean different to everyone, so how about you?


3 thoughts on “What is the personality of your Rilakkuma?

  1. I probably play with my first Rilakkuma the most, he’s a medium classic plushie! I don’t take off his tag and I try to keep him clean, but he’s the star of most of my Rilakkuma photography. I move him around the most, compared to my other collectible plushies (I want them to stay in good condition). I see my medium Rilakkuma having a very mischievous, laid-back personality.

  2. To me, Rilakkuma is a reminder to take some time for yourself sometimes to relax. In medical school, it is very easy to become stressed out by the big exams and all the material we need to learn, but having Rilakkuma around is great because he’s so calm and he enjoys life! I also like to think all of my Rilakkumas are good friends with each other and hang out while I’m at school or otherwise out of the apartment hehehe

    My first Rilakkuma (M classic) is my only Rilakkuma without a tag, but it’s because I play with him so much! I take him secretly to my exams too, just for good luck!

  3. What Rilakkuma is to me is a friend for sure. I keep most of my Kumas around the house and bring out different ones every week or so, so I can play with everyone equal. When I’m sad or sick I have an extra big one to cuddle with. I don’t like keeping them in the bags but I like to keep their tags on. Rilakkuma has also made me so many friends. I think I like Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kii equal!

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