Rilakkuma Factory Plush!




Finally, we obtain the Rilakkuma Factory Plush from our supplier. We don’t know why San-X kept him from all other Rilakkuma sellers like us until the they restock him. 

Anyway, we will take more pictures of him when Michelle is ready to take some very nice pictures of him. 


5 thoughts on “Rilakkuma Factory Plush!

  1. Aww very cute!! The Rilakkuma Factory series is so great – lots of really useful but also cute things for work! My aunt bought me this plushie and a pencil holder so I could think of Rilakkuma while studying hard too haha.

    • Yea, I didn’t notice they were so heavy. I was like what they put in the box when I receive the plushies, and figure out it was this little rilakkuma.

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